About Tutors Pride

TUTORS PRIDE EDUTECH PVT LTD. is an Educational Studies & Services Pvt Ltd. company incorporated with Govt. of India under companies act. It is the FIRST Company of its kind in educational sector in India & Abroad, and promoted by many eminent personalities.

Extraordinary people are ordinary people who did every thing with extraordinary passion. That “EXTRA” is passion.

Legendary living is in identifying a cause, a cause that seems larger than your own life, on which you are willing to invest every breath of yours to the very last breath. You make history, when you have a cause that inspires you to wakeup every morning a little early and keeps you awake a little late and fills every minute in between with the depths of fulfillment. It is this passion for the cause, this passion make you life count, this passion stand for something that unfolds legendary possibilities. Let every blood cell of yours yearn with this passion, in anything and everything give that “EXTRA” and thus live an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE.

TUTORS PRIDE counseled countless young career aspirants, digested their difficulties and disasters – tears and troubles – hurdles and hardships – disgustion and disappointments before starting this website and strongly decide to help the aspirants and enhance their hidden talents by enlivening happiness among them. The result is the tutorspride.com

Desire a good job opportunity and not fulfilled becomes an incomplete cycle. Every incomplete cycle, in some where, keeps nagging you from with in. There is constant sense incompleteness. Truly, it is a sort of psychological irritation. Either release the desire, or fulfill it. Don’t let it hanging. Every incomplete cycle saps you of your energy, living you drained and fatigued. That’s why it isn’t the date you worked a lot that tires you, but the day when many things remained incomplete that makes you tired.

Tutorspride.com is the source of fulfilling the desires and is in evolving the transactional opportunities into transformational opportunities. You have a Rupee – I have a One. We exchange it with each other. We still have a rupee each this is transaction. I have an Idea – You have an Idea. We exchange the ideas between us. Now both of us have two Ideas. This is Transformation. Here aspirant has an idea of seeking a job and careerdoctoronline.com has the idea of providing a job, then both of us benefited by these transformational opportunities.